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December 19, 2023 // Published in ,
The Justice For Laddie Foundation has come a long way, from actively advocating for Justice for Laddie’s murder to inciting […]
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justice for laddie foundation back to school
August 30, 2023 // Published in , ,
Summer has come to a warm, cheerful end, making way for the youngsters' anticipated back-to-school season. Laddie's grandma, Lucy Fleming, […]
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June 7, 2023 // Published in
The Justice for Laddie Foundation has always maintained that seeking justice for Laddie was never about retribution or vengeance. Rather, […]
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Justice for Laddie
May 30, 2023 // Published in
  A Journey Of Two Years After almost two years pursuing Justice for Laddie, we felt it important to step […]
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Laddie and his baby brother
April 25, 2023 // Published in
Today, there is justice for Laddie. The verdict in the Crown vs. Kareem Martinez came in at 11:00 am on […]
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Kick Off Justice For Laddie Tournament
April 3, 2023 // Published in
The Kick Off:  Last week Friday marked the Kick off of the Justice For Laddie Tournament held in San Ignacio’s […]
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Laddie and Football
March 23, 2023 // Published in
While awaiting Justice Antoinette Moore’s verdict in the manslaughter trial of former police corporal Kareem Martinez, the Justice for Laddie […]
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Belize City High Court
March 15, 2023 // Published in ,
Like many Belizeans, members of The Justice for Laddie Foundation have been anxiously awaiting a decision in Kareem Martinez’s manslaughter […]
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Belize Is Watching And Waiting
March 8, 2023 // Published in , ,
In less than a few weeks’ time, Justice Antoinette Moore is expected to hand down her verdict in the manslaughter […]
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Finally Some Good News
March 1, 2023 // Published in ,
As we await Justice Moore’s verdict in Kareem Martinez’s trial for the manslaughter of Laddie Gillett,  a recent Channel 5 […]
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Some Thoughts Before The Trial
February 17, 2023 // Published in ,
We’ve all had some much-needed time to reflect after the last tumultuous days of Kareem Martinez’s trial for Laddie’s manslaughter. […]
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Belize is Watching
February 3, 2023 // Published in ,
Update: Yesterday, February 2, 2023, Justice Antoinette Moore, the Judge in Kareem Martinez’s manslaughter trial, ordered one of the witnesses […]
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The First Youth For Change Symposium
January 23, 2023 // Published in ,
With lively discussions, debates, laughter and even the occasional tears, the first Belize Youth for Change Symposium gave young Belizeans […]
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Justice For Laddie
January 11, 2023 // Published in ,
Now that the trial of Kareem Martinez for the manslaughter of 14-year-old Laddie Gillett has been set for January 23, […]
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Laddie with his Family
December 15, 2022 // Published in
With The Foundation’s Year In Review, and Plans for 2023 As we approach this second Christmas and a new year […]
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June 28, 2022 // Published in
As Laddie’s Memorial Day, on the 14th of July, approaches, we find ourselves reflecting more and more on what Laddie […]
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June 22, 2022 // Published in
He was taken from us all but lives on forever in our big communal heart We're finding it hard to […]
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April 22, 2022 // Published in
The United States earlier this week published a record of the human rights situation in Belize. Tonight, News Five takes […]
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laddie posing in front of christmas tree
December 31, 2021 // Published in
When we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner this year, there’s no ignoring that empty place at the table. It was […]
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justice delayed justice denied another milestone for laddie gillett
November 12, 2021 // Published in
We’ve just passed another sad milestone. It’s been four months since 14 year-old Laddie was murdered by then Police Corporal […]
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