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Thoughts On A Consequential Trial And Its Results

Justice for Laddie
Last Updated: May 30, 2023


A Journey Of Two Years

After almost two years pursuing Justice for Laddie, we felt it important to step back and reflect a bit on the final outcome of this lengthy manslaughter trial.

Now that we have, a few things are clear – primarily, how Laddie galvanised the nation to focus on justice; both for him and for the future of Belize. We have all learned that justice, precious, and the birth right of every Belizean, must sometimes be fought for. And hundreds of Belizeans from all walks of life took up that challenge.

Applauding The Justice System

What has also become clear to us is Justice Antoinette Moore’s unwavering dedication to the pursuit of truth and justice. She carefully examined hours of evidence, listened to a range of sometimes convoluted and twisting testimonies, and even took the time to travel to the scene of the shooting before she began her deliberations.

It is never easy to sentence someone to a term in prison, and we appreciate that this was not a decision she took lightly. But we deeply believe it was the correct decision, and that her sentence was fair and balanced.

We’ve always maintained that Justice for Laddie was never about retribution or reprisal, but focussed on preventing such a tragedy from occurring again. A healthy society depends upon respect for the law, and, more importantly, respect for the sanctity of human life.

Violating those tenants weakens society as surely as disease weakens a healthy body.

And, left unchecked, disease spreads and continues to infect its host – sometimes to the point of no return.

This why harsh measures are occasionally called for to check the spread and reduce the threat of further damage; whether to a physical body or to a healthy society.

Belize Now

Belize has come a long way these last few decades. Checks and balances, transparency and accountability have strengthened the rule of law and reduced criminal behaviour. We like to think everything that has happened since that terrible night of July 14, 2021, when an innocent 14-year-old Laddie was shot and killed, has strengthened our nation. It has shown young people that their lives, rights and voices are valued, and that there is a future for them.

It proved that nobody is above the law.

We believe Justice for Laddie has also strengthened the Belize Police Department. In addition to exposing and weeding out bad actors, a greater focus on transparency and human rights gives the good men and women who protect and serve their communities the respect they deserve.


So, yes, while the sentence Justice Moore handed down may seem harsh to some people, we sincerely believe that it was right and necessary. If it prevents even one more tragedy like the one Laddie’s family and friends suffered, it will be worth it.

And, more positively, it shows all Belizeans; and especially our youth, that Belize is a country where the rule of law prevails, and where life is held sacred.

Now that Justice for Laddie has been obtained, Laddie’s Foundation will move ahead with the more positive work we always envisioned as part of his legacy. Mentoring, skills and career development, and preparing young people to become effective members of civic society are all on the agenda.

Join US!

We invite you to become part of this work, and welcome your thoughts ideas, and comments.

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Onwards and Upwards!