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Justice For Laddie Football Tournament: Unity in diversity, strength in unity

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Last Updated: December 19, 2023

The Justice For Laddie Foundation has come a long way, from actively advocating for Justice for Laddie’s murder to inciting changes in Belize’s police reforms to also becoming a beacon of financial support to upcoming initiatives involving sports and youths.

The Belizean People have always supported Laddie

Our Laddie loved being part of family events, special celebrations, and football tournaments. Whether attending them or watching them on TV, he loved living the excitement and passion. After his death, his grandmother, Lucy Fleming, founded the Justice for Laddie Foundation to keep his legacy alive.

Laddie at School

This year, we partnered up with A Kick For the Future Football League and successfully founded two seasons of the Justice For Laddie Football Tournament in San Ignacio Town.


Season Two of the Justice For Laddie Football Tournament: For the love of the game 


Season two of the Justice for Laddie Football Tournament kicked off on September 30th, 2023, and finalized on December 9th, 2023.  With  a total of 52 games and 156 players the tournament was nothing short of successful.

Justice for laddie football tournament

Youths from U10, U13, and U15 all participated, and after weeks of fierce competition, the winners were:

U10 – San Antonio Jaguars  San Antonio 

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U13 – Ace Football Team  San Ignacio 

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U15 – Ace Football Club  San Ignacio 

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Congratulations, teams, for displaying exceptional sportsmanship and passion!   

With a turnout of more than 300 spectators the night was filled with immense support from parents, friends, and football enthusiasts cheering the youths. The U15 teams kicked off the first match at 5:30 pm, followed by the U13 and U10 teams. By 9:00 pm, the winners had received their trophies and medals.

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We rise by lifting each other: Donation from The Justice for Laddie Foundation, as the Gold Sponsor,  were forthcoming throughout the Tournament. 

The Justice For Laddie Foundation covered expenses such as fees from the police, water, match commissioner, technical director, footballs, uniforms, medals, and trophies. Fifty-two games were played by a total of 156 players throughout the Justic for Laddie Tournament.

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It is vital to continuously support initiatives such as this one, where we enable dreams to come true and see Laddie’s legacy alive in each child participating in this tournament.

A word from Laddie’s Grandmother, here’s to the end and to new beginnings:  

Laddie with baby ian and granny lucy smiling for a photo

Lucy Fleming, founder of the Justice For Laddie Foundation, expresses her gratitude to everyone who attended the final matches and has supported the foundation throughout its two years.

Our King Lads Legacy is alive in each player.