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We honor 14-year old Laddie's legacy by uniting and activating our communities to challenge the root causes of police abuse and end the systemic abuse of power and authority affecting Belizeans.

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Laddie's Story

Born on March 26th, 2007 in Belize City, Laddie was a vibrant Lad who was passionately curious about life and loved sports more than life itself. On July 14th 2021, 14-year old Laddie was socializing with friends whilst on a staycation in southern Belize when he was shot and killed by a police officer using unjustified force.

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Laddie's Foundation

The Justice for Laddie Foundation has been established to support Belize’s youth. By liaising with the police, civil society, and community representatives, the Foundation seeks to re-establish trust in law enforcement, and foster a more positive, safer environment in which boys, girls, and teens can grow into confident, productive adults.

By coordinating scholarships, training, mentoring, skills development, safe spaces, and other avenues for personal and professional development, the Foundation seeks to awaken young people to their own possibilities and paths towards their best futures.
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Laddie's Law Proposes:

Review board

Create a private citizen’s review board to examine and report on any instance of a minor being hurt or killed by police officers.

Mandatory test

Any police officer who causes injury or death, especially a minor, immediately be tested for the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Sworn testimony

Sworn testimony by attending police officers, medical personnel and ambulance drivers be immediately and formally recorded.


Officers who discharge their service weapons must fill out & sign a form outlining when, where, & for what reason they fired their weapon.

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Consecration of Laddie's grave

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

-Martin Luther King

Some golden memories with Laddie

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