Laddie's Law - What Is It?


Laddie’s Law, a list of common-sense measures, had earlier been composed as a way to create transparency and accountability, and to regenerate communication and trust between police and the communities they serve. Laddie’s Foundation board and family members have since been liaising with the Police Department and training academy officials to try and implement these measures.

While nothing can bring Laddie back, or soothe the pain his family, extended family and friends endure, we respectfully suggest the following:

Review board

Create a private citizen’s review board to examine and report on any instance of a minor being hurt or killed by police officers.

Mandatory test

Any police officer who, in carrying out his or her duties, causes injuries or death to a member of the public, and especially a minor, immediately be tested for the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Sworn testimony

Sworn testimony by attending police officers, medical personnel and ambulance drivers be immediately and formally recorded.


Police officers who discharge their service weapons – for any reason - must fill out and sign a form outlining when, where, under what conditions, and for what reason they fired their weapon.

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