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The Justice For Laddie Football Tournament Kicks Off: One Goal At A Time

Kick Off Justice For Laddie Tournament
Last Updated: April 3, 2023

The Kick Off: 

Last week Friday marked the Kick off of the Justice For Laddie Tournament held in San Ignacio’s Falcon Field.

Eight teams from rural and urban communities, towns and villages came together to kick off the tournament that all of them had eagerly enrolled in. Clear blue skies promised an event free of rain and full of high-spirited fun.

Starting the game


There was an undeniable sense of cheer and excitement as the players, families and friends eagerly awaited the friendly matches to begin.

At 5pm sharp all the kids ranging from ages 6 to 15 years old started to assemble in the middle of the field as all of them proudly stood and displayed their team’s uniform.

Kick Off


A short prayer was said and patriotism was sung as Belize’s National Anthem resonated on everyone’s ears. Shortly after Laddie’s grandmother, Lucy Fleming, shared a short speech it was game on.

Laddie's Tournament Kick Off


A sharp whistle opened the game and it's safe to say with each kick a bright new future was launched.

First game


The Foundation: 

For us at the Laddie Foundation, the April 22nd ‘Justice for Laddie Tournament’ couldn't have come at a better time, as we are days away from justice being delivered by Belize’s Supreme Court on April 21st.

Clear Blue Skies

To say we are seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel” is an understatement. We have mourned for 21 months and promised Laddie that his light will never grow dim. Laddie, this is for you.

Laddie before he was shot

It all started with creating his Memorial Garden in Placencia, refurbishing a playground in his name in Cayo, and hosting a Youth For Change Symposium in Belize City. The ‘Justice For Laddie Football Tournament’ is next on the rota.

Laddie's Football Tournament

This Tournament laces Laddie’s love for football together and is overflowing with our hope for a better Belize filled with safe spaces for our children, justice, and trust.

The Future: 

The A Kick To The Future League has become a vessel of positivity and youthful energy. We know that Laddie would have loved it. With your help we hope to keep providing sponsorship for positive community events and to keep alive Laddie’s Legacy.

For A Bright Future

Keep up with the tournament’s progress, the first match is set to be on April 22nd don’t forget to support your team!