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Laddie’s Foundation Embraces A Kick To The Future

Laddie and Football
Last Updated: March 23, 2023
While awaiting Justice Antoinette Moore’s verdict in the manslaughter trial of former police corporal Kareem Martinez, the Justice for Laddie Foundation members have been busy developing projects for the future of Laddie’s Foundation.
Currently, the Foundation is promoting a new initiative that combines one of Laddie’s great passions – football, with ongoing support for Belizean youth.
“After so many months pursuing justice for Laddie, it’s refreshing to turn our attention to another positive goal of his Foundation,” Foundation chair Lucy Fleming said.
“Laddie’s Foundation always had a long-term vision of protecting Belize’s young people, giving them a voice through initiatives such as our recent Youth for Change Symposium, and by promoting healthy activities.
“One way that protection can be achieved is through the adoption of Laddie’s Law, and we’ve promoted sports as a healthy way for kids to develop physically, emotionally and socially,” Ms Fleming explained.
“This is why we are so excited to partner with the ‘A Kick To The Future Academy,’ to promote safe and inclusive football competition,” she added.
Laddie and Football
A Kick To The Future Academy engages young Belizeans between six and 15 years old in football competitions to help develop “their lives, skills and memories one kick at a time,” according to organiser Mrs Whitney Roches.
Ace Football Club
The Academy is organised into three categories for players under 10, under 13 and under 15, spread across eight teams playing in tournaments, “where justice, equality and fair play will be promoted,” Mrs Roches said.
Ms Fleming and Laddie’s Foundation board members are enthusiastically supporting the Academy.
“The lofty ideals of the A Kick To The Future Academy reflect those of Laddie’s Foundation, and Laddie himself. He loved playing football, and flourished in a team environment, so we see this as a fitting part of his legacy,” Ms Fleming, who is also Laddie’s grandmother, said.
Laddie at a young age playing football
“We’re proud to sponsor the inaugural “Justice for Laddie Football Tournament, and becoming more involved with the Academy as a Gold Sponsor. We’ll be posting updates and more information on the Justice for Laddie Foundation website, as well as the Foundation’s and our own Facebook pages, so please stay tuned,” Ms Fleming added.