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The Justice For Laddie Foundation Calls For Inquiry Into Death Of Derrick Uh

laddie foundation calls for inquiry death of derrick uh
Last Updated: August 18, 2022

The Justice for Laddie Foundation is calling for a full, impartial inquiry into the death of Derrick Uh

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The Justice for Laddie Foundation is calling for a full, impartial inquiry into the death of Derrick Uh, who died Sunday, August 14, 2022 while in police custody.

Twenty-year-old Mr Uh, was arrested1.30 am at a Corozal Fiesta in San Joaquin Village, and, according to police reports, placed in a windowless, airless police van on a hot summer’s day for almost fourteen hours without ventilation, water or food.

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Police say that when the van was driven from the fiesta grounds to the Corozal Police Station, officers “forgot” Derrick was in the back when they parked, and it was not until almost 3pm that afternoon that his body was discovered.

The coroner has determined heat stroke as the cause of death.

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Lucy Fleming, chair of the Justice for Laddie Foundation, and whose adopted grandson was killed by a Belize Police Corporal in July of last year, called Derrick Uh’s death a “tragedy and travesty” that must be thoroughly investigated.

“It is a tragedy almost beyond comprehension, and a travesty of justice that yet another young Belizean has died at the hands of police officers.

“Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Derrick Uh. Coming one year and one month to the day that our Laddie was senselessly shot and killed by a Belize Police Corporal, we understand the agony families suffer when a loved one is so needlessly taken from them,” Ms Fleming said.

According to Chester Williams, Belize’s Commissioner of Police, the police van’s engine needs to be running to supply fresh air to the rear holding compartment. “Apparently, after the event was over, the van was taken to the Corozal police station, where it was parked and the officers may have forgotten that they had the young man in the back of the vehicle,” he said, and added that the results of an internal investigation will be released when completed.

Ms Fleming repeated the Foundation’s calls for an external Citizens Review Board to be established to investigate deaths in police custody.